2018 Pueblos Blancos Music Festival in S​pain

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​Grammy nominated Sister Sister is a family band based out of Houston and Austin, Texas. The 3 Divas of Sister Sister include Singer-Songwriter Melinda Joyce Hernandez, Vocalist/Percussionist Patricia Lynn Hernandez and Sax/Flute player Nancy Thibadeaux Saenz. Los Misters include brothers and other extended family members. The band share their "musica caliente" in a mixed bag of flavors and colors, jazzed-up with the sultry soul of their Mexican heritage. Their Grammy nominated debut CD titled "A little Bit of Texas, A Little Bit of Mexico" is a genre mixed-bag of  Texican-Tex-Mex with songs penned by Melinda Joyce. Their second CD titled "Latino Rocks!" is a medley of diverse genres meticulously blended to bring out the passion of their music by fusing the Latino-Jazz-Pop-Rock sounds that have become their musical signature, with songs once again penned by Melinda Joyce. The bands last release is a DVD titled "Sister Sister Live", a show performed with legendary musical icon Little Joe y La Familia. Sister Sister showcases an invigorating, bi-cultural musical experience. Their music is passionate, sultry, bluesy, and entertaining. It's their soulful-latino-rockin'-true-blue heritage that comes out to play. These Texas-Twister-Sisters and the Fabulous Misters put on one heck of a show. In September 2018 they have been invited to perform a series of 4 concerts in the Andalucia Spain, a festival called "Pueblos Blancos Music Festival" . Please visit Sister Sister Y Los Misters on their Facebook page. Here you will findtheir videos as-well-as the performance dates & places where Sister Sister will be sharing their greatmusic with friends, old and new.